This is a very simple theme so it is perfect for portfolios of any kind. This will also post a coming soon image if you don’t post a image yourself to keep the theme looking professional. I also added a great fixed button to take you back to the top of the page. For version 2.0 the theme has taken a great new turn. Version 2.0 includes a great new take on WordPress theme options panels. The theme was also made premium with v2.0. Here is a few features of the premium over the free version.
• Theme options.
• No need to open the theme files and code the menu yourself.
• 4 new default avatars.
• Admin and blog favicon manager.
• Theme update notifier lets you know when new version is available.
• Change background images, colors, and header logo all from the theme options menu.
• You have the options to use the image “url” field like the free version, or use the single.php file so members can leave comments and ready about your work.
• Many more features.

Admin Screenshots

Theme Options Page
Theme Update Page


To install simply unzip and put contents in the themes folder of your WordPress installation.

Posting Images

Simply upload a image to your WordPress post gallery and its automatically included into the post. Thats It!


This theme has only been tested on WordPress 2.1 and above. If you are using anything under 2.1 please update your WordPress installation. I am giving this theme away free but you may not redistribute without my permission. I would also ask that you leave a link to this site somewhere on your site.

Free Version

Version History

2.0 (8-16-2009)
1.0 (6-9-2008)
*Full version log is included in theme admin panel. Free version is v1.0 and is no longer updated.



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  1. Toshiaki says:

    Awesome. Love the “return to top” button. 5 out of 5 for being free.

  2. Jason says:

    When it comes to wordpress themes, this is perfection.

  3. Nick says:

    My images wont seem to load. :(

  4. Eric Hamby says:

    Make sure you are following the directions perfectly as shown here: http://vasthtml.com/support/?wpforumaction=viewtopic&t=3.0

    • Jason says:

      I also can’t get images to load in my posts. The image with directions for a solution isn’t showing up: http://vasthtml.com/support/?wpforumaction=viewtopic&t=3.0 Can you assist?

      Each post definitely has an image in its gallery ready to display, but I only get the default ‘coming soon’ image.

      • Eric Hamby says:

        What version of Ascari are you using? make sure the cache folder inside the theme folder is set to permissions 777.

        • Jason says:

          Thanks for the speedy reply. I’m using the free version for the moment. Thought I’d try before I buy. There is no cache folder inside my theme folder on the version I downloaded yesterday.

          • Eric Hamby says:

            That is more than likely the issue. Create this folder inside the theme folder and upload it to your server. The give the folder 777 permissions. This will allow the timthumb script to place the automatic thumbnails that are used for the thumbnail generation. If you have any more problems or questions let me know.

        • Jason says:

          Sorry uploading a cache folder set to 77 didn’t do the trick, however I suspect I need the timthumb plugin installed to serve the theme?

          • Eric Hamby says:

            no the timthumb files should be already included if you have the newest version of the theme which was released about 2 days ago. If you want to make an admin account for me and email me the login details and ill get it fixed for you.

  5. Thilas says:

    Hi, nice theme !

    I’have a problème with the custom fields, url is ok ! But the image does not appear !

    I looked here : http://vasthtml.com/support/?wpforumaction=viewtopic&t=3.0, but the pic is ko !

    What’s the solution ?

    Thx for your help !

  6. Thilas says:

    Eric ? Please ! :)

  7. Thilas says:

    Ok !

    I just put Image instead thumbs !!!

  8. Eric Hamby says:

    Im Not sure what your asking me?

  9. Alessandro says:

    I have a little question for Eric. I`ve saw the demo for the free version of the Ascari theme. When i am clicking on one of those images from the demo, it doesn`t go intro the post to write comments, It openes the same demo in another window. Does this mean that the ascari free version doesn`t let you leave comments? It`s only for the home page?

    • Eric Hamby says:

      No the free version does not allow this. Please read the first of the post to see all the advantages of the paid version over the free version.

  10. alessandro says:

    I have a little problem. I would like to buy this theme but i have a logo wich is a square and i don`t know where i could put it. Can you help me? Can you integrate that logo in this theme if i will buy it?

    • Eric Hamby says:

      The themes price is only 15.99 and does not include any custom work. If i gave it to you it would not be fair to everyone that has purchased the theme in the past or will be purchasing it later on. If you would like a quote on the work feel free to email me. For what your asking it wouldn’t be much of a charge at all.

  11. ipotpal says:

    Pretty good price – that’s all I can say

  12. Erika says:

    I am working on a website for a class project, I’m not a word press person and my professor isn’t very much help. I have installed the free version of the theme just fine. Is there any way for me to change the “Ascari” name in the logo to my name? I will surely keep the bottom reference to the site and “Ascari” name and credit. Thanks!

  13. Great looks Portfolio Theme, I like it!

  14. chips zynga says:

    i was beginning to think i would possibly end up being the only young man that thought about this, at the very least at this point i find out i’m not outlandish :) i’ll make it a point to look into a handful of additional threads right after i get a bit of caffeine in me, it is tough to read without my coffee, I was really late last night enjoying zynga poker and after polishing off a few ales i wound up burning off all my facebook poker chips take care :)

  15. jenn says:

    this theme 404’s on the download page :( anyone have it available for DL? I tried Googling it but to no avail…

  16. F.E. says:

    Love this theme! Is there any way to get the pictures to be hyperlinkable? For example, I want to use the images as “categories” to link to additional galleries. Is there any way to do that?

    Thanks in advance!

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