Total Users Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to show users how many members are on your WordPress blog.


Simply unzip and place the folder in your plugins folder of your WordPress installation. The activate through the plugin admin panel.

Template Tag

<?php vasthtml_total_users(); ?>

Want A Widget

This plugin is also combined with the other total plugins to make a very highly configurable widget you can use for your site. No template editing is needed. http://vasthtml.com/js/wordpress-totals/


1.1 (9-06-2009)
• Added admin menu.
1.0 (9-05-2009)
• First release.



There Are 6 Comments To This Article

  1. Milly says:

    I followed the directions, but it’s not displaying on my site. Can not find a widget to add to sidebar..so where is the users online supposed to display? Plugin is activated

  2. xCannabis says:

    On my blog (bottom right hand corner) http://xcannabis.com this plugin constantly displays 94 users.

    I’ve cleared all cache folders, and cleared my WP Super Cache plugin, and I even turned off all possible caching systems. But no matter what time of day, it is always 94 users.

    Could it be a conflict in the code between another plugin?

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