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July 8, 2009 By vast Guru 4 comments

This WordPress plugin will add forum capability to your WordPress installation. WP Forum Server is much more than just a fork of the WP-Forum plugin. We have fixed many errors that existed for months; added a new theme; added 2.7/2.8 menus for a much more up-to-date look. Change a bit of the code around.>/p>

This is not just a renamed plugin. Our Forum Server is a fork of the flawed and outdated WP-Forums plugin. WP-Forums offers no support and the plugin had not been updated at the time our plugin was created.

Plugin Instructions

For all install instructions and plugin information view this plugin’s readme page.



  • Fixed bug: Incompatibility with FireStats plugin and possibly certain other plugins, the bug also could cause a lot of database errors
  • Fixed bug: Duplicating topics due to plugin incompatibility with certain plugins
  • Fixed bug: No post body inside the topic due to plugin incompatibility with certain plugins
  • Fixed bug: BBCode content inside e-mail notifications
  • Fixed bug: Closing a topic didn’t work as expected
  • Fixed bug: sending e-mail notifications of your own replies when subscribed on topic
  • Fixed bug: When subscribing to replies on topic, a blank screen was showing up
  • “Unmake sticky” renamed to “Unstick” (for sticky topics)
  • Fixed bug: Unstick function now works
  • Fixed bug: search system now works
  • Improved search system, now it searches in topic titles and can search in both titles and content
  • Fixed bug: Email notifications were not sent in some cases
  • New placeholder for inserting forum into WordPress page: [ forumServer ] (no spaces) can be used instead of <!–VASTHTML–>


  • Added admin ability to close a topic
  • Added admin ability to move a topic
  • Fixed bug with message width on narrow theme column
  • Fixed bug with Google Analytics hiding message textarea
  • Fixed bug when user manually changes url parameters


  • The link to edit categories now works.
  • Made a work around for those having trouble deleting categories.


  • Link to FORUM in Breadcrumb
  • Group Link and Group Page
  • Fixed the blank page redirection stuff


  • Fixed database errors


  • Code clean up
  • Changed menu style to match WordPress 2.7+
  • Changed all images to a more updated look

Upgrade Notice

1.4 This version fixes a security related bug. Upgrade immediately.

Plugin Support

Please use the support forums for all support questions.